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Limited Series: Alpha

Defender Bowie 


Big things come in small packages, and our Defender Bowie has history to boot! Steeped in Texas history, this modern day classic brings to life one the best fighting blades of all time - with some modern upgrades. The Defender Bowie’s medium, lightweight blade is designed for heavy duty use without the bulkiness of a larger knife. Perfect for hunting and outdoor use, it’s also been designed for Self-Defense.  The karambit style ring on the back makes it incredibly hard to disarm the user in combat, and also makes for a modified knuckle duster if the situation strikes. Double edged and D2 construction make it a great utility knife that can hold an edge. Now made even better with IA Coatings Graphine infused "Blackstone" coating, this blade is comfortable to carry and easy to use - this one of a kind Bowie has all your bases covered!

Gladiator Dagger


Our Gladiator Dagger was designed with one sole purpose in mind – Self-Defense. Made of D2 Tool Steel and 4" blade: The Gladiator Dagger is Rugged, Reliable, and Ready to deploy at a moments notice. Designed as a hybrid between the Roman Gladius, and the Sykes fighting knife used by Allied Special Operations in WWII. Upgraded with IA Coatings Graphine infused "Blackstone" Coating, it's now incredibly strong! The perfect balance between reliability and concealability. No special training required! This Gladiator was made as the perfect grab and go option. Double sided and razor sharp, this knife is no joke and all business. 

EDC Saux Knife


The Saux design has been in use since the Viking times, and was used for everything from warfare to making meals. We wanted to make a knife that was small, concealable, and that could be used for day to day use. The tapering and finger grove makes it so it doesn't slip, and the addition of IA Coatings Graphine infused "Blackstone" coating makes makes it both a very industrial and versatile blade. This is a great choice if you want something for protection that is highly portable. It can travel from the belt, to yoga pants, to a purse with ease. Can be worn on the belt, as a neck knife, or a boot knife. It may be small, but it's incredibility sharp blade doesn't joke - and would put an attacker in world of hurt before they knew what hit him

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