Our Gladiator Dagger was designed with one sole purpose in mind – Self-Defense. Made of D2 Tool Steel and 4" blade: The Gladiator Dagger is Rugged, Reliable, and Ready to deploy at a moments notice. Designed as a hybrid between the Roman Gladius, and the Sykes fighting knife used by Allied Special Operations in WWII. Upgraded with IA Coatings Graphine infused "Blackstone" Coating, it's now incredibly strong! The perfect balance between reliability and concealability. No special training required! This Gladiator was made as the perfect grab and go option. Double sided and razor sharp, this knife is no joke and all business. 

Gladiator Dagger - 2.0 (Sold Out!)

Sheath Color: Black
  • Steel: D2 Tool Steel

    Blade Length: 4" 

    Thickness: 3/16" 

    Handle Material: Micarta (Black)

    Sheath: Premium Kydex 

    Made: Houston, TX (USA)